Experience exceptional freshness with BioFresh

Meat and dairy products

Low humidity and a temperature just above freezing are the perfect conditions for storing meat, fish and dairy products. The BioFresh DrySafe maintains this constant climate.

Fish and seafood

Fish and seafood should ideally be stored at freezing point. All of the BioFresh drawers keep fish fresh for longer than a conventional refrigerator.

Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are best stored in the HydroSafe which provides high humidity. Precision electronics ensure that the temperature is carefully maintained at just above 0°C.

Tropical fruits

BioFresh-Plus enables temperature-sensitive tropical fruits to be kept fresh for longer periods: the upper safe can be set to a temperature of 6°C and, combined with high humidity, gives the perfect storage conditions.

BioFresh safes at a glance


If the BioFresh safe is set to HydroSafe, the humidity increases, and the HydroSafe climate keeps unpackaged fruit, vegetables and salads crisp and fresh for much longer. Precision electronic controls enable the temperature to be accurately maintained at just over 0°C so, even with high humidity, food will not unintentionally freeze.


When the slider is open, the humidity falls and the BioFresh safe becomes a DrySafe. Low humidity conditions are ideal for storing fish, meat and dairy products. When stored in this comparatively dry environment, these products retain their flavour for far longer than in a traditional refrigerator compartment – cheese, for example, for up to 100 days.

Telescopic rails

The BioFresh safes pull out on smooth-running telescopic rails and can easily be removed once the door is open to an angle of 90°.

BioFresh app

The app with useful information on food, vitamins and storage life, sorted for easy viewing from A-Z or according to categories – including practical search function.